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D-dimer is produced from the degradation of crosslinked fibrin and identifies the presence of thromboembolism. This results in a cleavage product consisting of two linked D domains or D-dimer. Plasma concentrations of D-dimer can be used to rapidly detect thrombotic complications and Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation (DIC).

Canine D-dimer

  • Tests per Box 10
    Species Canine
    Sample Type

    Plasma (Sodium Citrate only) 5µl

    Measurement Quantitiative

    0.1 - 10 µg/ml

    Testing Time 15 minutes
    Storage Condition

    2 - 8° C

  • Screening test for:

    • Assessing pulmonary thromboembolism
    • Monitoring antithrombotic therapy
    • Predicting survival prognosis after surgery
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