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Bionote has a long history as a leading research and development company in the animal health diagnostic field. Headquartered in Minnesota, the Bionote USA team works with veterinarians and medical professionals around the world. The leadership team, including highly-experienced veterinary consultants, gives Bionote USA a unique presence in the animal care diagnostic field.


Bionote’s forward-focused problem-solving approach to patient care resulted in the development of the Vcheck, an in-clinic, fluorescence immunoassay diagnostic analyzer, as well as its premium line of twelve diagnostic tests. The Vcheck analyzer uses europium-detection technology and is fully quantitative. Analyzers using europium-detection technology allow for greater separation in measuring wavelengths of general fluorescence for less overlap and more accuracy. These analyzers can often direct next steps and bridge the gap in diagnostic outcomes. Because tests do not need to be sent to a reference lab, there is also less potential for sample degradation.


Bionote’s scientific approach and years of research and development benefit pets and pet professionals with accurate, rapid and in-clinic care. Bionote was founded in South Korea by Dr. YS Cho. Dr. Cho’s passion for animal health led him to create Bionote so pet professionals could have the best point-of-care resources right in their clinics. With over 10,000 units sold world-wide, Dr. Cho’s vision is now a reality for patients in need of in-clinic, critical care. In 2019, Bionote extended its sales and operations into the U.S. veterinary marketplace, appointing Randy Knick to the helm.


A Long History of Diagnostics.

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