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Better Care with Diagnostics You Can Count On

Bionote USA gives veterinarians the power to practice medicine the way they’ve always wanted to. We are an animal health company that provides veterinary clinics and hospitals with in-clinic, quantitative diagnostic analyzers and tests. Our products detect biomarkers indicating an animal’s health status in the following body organs or systems: cardiac, acute inflammation, pancreatitis, coagulation, hormones and antibodies. Bionote has also launched a rapid test line with the introduction of a one-step standalone Canine Heartworm.


In situations where immediate test results and diagnosis can make a major impact on a patient's outcome, Bionote is there with its flagship Vcheck line of analyzers and a variety of biomarker tests – including some industry exclusives – for canine, feline and equine patients. Vcheck products provide clinicians with a definitive numerical result, not a positive, negative or estimate.


Easy-to-use while providing accurate quantitative results in just minutes, Bionote’s Vcheck analyzers utilize state-of-the-art europium nanotechnology that has proven to be more precise than other measurement methods. 


In addition, Bionote works with doctors who regularly perform studies to validate the accuracy of these tests and we prioritize hiring people with a strong veterinary background to reliably move the company forward.


As we continue to expand with new products and different diagnostic markets, our goal remains the same – supply veterinarians with the tools they need for the best possible standard of patient care.

Bionote Timeline


Bionote Korea launches Vcheck series, an Immunofluorescence Analyzer for Veterinary use


Cumulative Global Vcheck Sales Reach Surpasses 11,000 units (#1 Best-Selling Fluorescent Immunoassay Analyzer)


Canine and Feline Troponin are added to Bionote USA Vcheck line (Becomes the only manufacturer in the veterinary marketplace to offer fully-quantitative Troponin I for both species)


Bionote USA was established


Feline NT-proBNP is added to Bionote USA’s NT-proBNP line (Becomes the only manufacturer in the veterinary marketplace to offer in-clinic, fully-quantitative NT-proBNP for both species)


Bionote USA launches Vcheck Equine products (Progesterone, SAA and IgG)


Rapid Canine Heartworm is added to Bionote USA’s product offerings

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