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Frequently Asked Questions

When I order a Vcheck V200, what do I receive? 

Your Vcheck V200 box will contain everything you need (except for the biomarker tests) to get you started.  You will find a copy of our Quick Guide, software update instructions, calibration sticks, a manual, a pipette holder, a power cord, the analyzer itself and a Wi-fi dongle that you can use to update the software automatically. In lieu of the Wi-fi dongle, USBs are only sent if available, however, you can use any standard blank USB to manually update the software periodically.

Are all Bionote products, no matter where purchased, automatically serviced under the warranty?

Only registered analyzers purchased directly from Bionote or authorized distributors shall be subject to service criteria within the warranty period. The warranty period runs 2 years from the installation date of your analyzer unless the machine is re-certified, in which case the warranty only lasts a year, or there is a promotion on your initial order that increases your warranty. The Vcheck analyzer warranty is nontransferable.

How are the results given after I complete a test?

The V200 has a built-in printer, so results are printed out immediately after the test. If you handwrite the patient’s name on the top of the test before inserting it into the machine, that handwritten name will be at the top of the printout, stating who the results are for.

Can the Vcheck V200 connect to my in-clinic software?

The Vcheck V200 (Vcheck F) is capable of interfacing with your PMS system and is HL7 compliant. We are working with partners to integrate now. Please contact your PMS system administrator or your veterinary software company to ask them if they are working to integrate our communication protocol with their systems. If they are not, encourage them to do so, as multiple requests can help move the process along more quickly! As an added benefit, you can remind them that compatibility with the fastest selling, most affordable quantitative analyzer with the best technology on the market, creates more value for their software as well.

How do I save results?

You can save results to a USB that can be easily inserted in the V200. This information on the USB can then be saved as an Excel CSV file. To save results to a USB, follow these steps:

  • Insert the USB, then the USB icon will display on the V200 Screen (it will be at the center bottom portion of the screen, next to the clock)  

    • Tap “Supervisor”

      • Enter your password that is found in the manual, then press “OK”

      • Select “Load/Save”

        • Select “Save Test Records”

          • The file name will be displayed under “V200_Results Data” then press OK

          • Then it will let you know that you can “Save Result Data,” press OK to save to the USB

          • Results are now on the USB as an Excel CSV file where you can rename the file

Is the V200 expensive?

No. The V200 analyzer is affordable. Most pet professionals don’t think that they can have an in-clinic analyzer because it will be too expensive. We have priced the V200 analyzer and test strips to be a very affordable option so you can enhance your in-clinic care. It is also the first and only NT-proBNP biomarker test which gives you a distinct advantage in pet care compared to other clinics. Its compact size doesn’t take up much space, and we know that every square inch of surface area is valuable. By rapidly testing, analyzing and diagnosing right in your clinic, you can provide results on your patient right away.

Is the Vcheck V200 easy to install? 

Absolutely! Installation only takes a few minutes and is relatively simple! See our installation video on the Bionote website: Bionote Vcheck V200 Installation Set Up and Calibration Test Guide or refer to the directions enclosed with every analyzer.  You also can call us at 1-800-727-5169, and we would be happy to walk you through this, as well.  

Are your tests expensive?

Absolutely not!  In fact, our immunoassay fluorescent technology makes our analyzer’s quantitative results very accurate while also being some of the least expensive to use.

What is the shelf life of your tests?

Our tests, on average, have a shelf life of about nine months to a year, depending on the environment in which they are stored.  Since they come in boxes of five and ten, most clinics can easily use this many tests within this time frame.

Does Bionote replace analyzers or tests?

We do not. Vcheck analyzers and tests are non-returnable. Be sure to keep track of test expiration dates and use them before that time, as Bionote will not replace expired tests.

Can you use the different test diluents interchangeably?

No, each diluent is made specifically for each test. Trying to interchange diluents will make the test completely inaccurate.

How often should we calibrate?

Calibration should take place once every 30 days. If you are ever having trouble or are running tests more often than normal, it’s best to calibrate more frequently.

If we lose our calibration sticks, can we get more?
The calibration sticks are intended to be used for 14 months to 2 years in most cases.  When that time is up, or if you lose them, they can be ordered through your distributor, or through us at a nominal charge (if ordered with a regular order) - just send an email with your order form to to order directly. If you forgot to order in advance and need expedited service and shipping, please contact Bionote at 1-800-727-5169.
How often are there software updates?

Since all of our tests are routinely reviewed to make sure they are accurate and performing optimally, software updates occur periodically. Usually, software updates are needed when the technology has been improved or we have a new test. We recommend updating your software when you first receive the unit, and then periodically checking the website for manual update notifications: You will also receive email update notifications if you have signed up for your warranty and are on our customer list. Note: if you have received a Wi-fi dongle for use with your V200 analyzer, software updates will occur automatically once installed.


If you find your test results are off, the software may be out of date. You can see the installation video on our website at for step-by-step instructions for updating software and/or installing your Wi-fi dongle. We also send out update notifications via email, so please make sure you register through our warranty page to get software information sent directly to you. Our current version is 28.0.
How do I know which pipette to use with each product?

It is important to use the correct pipette for each test as it can provide inaccurate results. Each pipette is
labeled by color and ul’s, which match up with the corresponding test. The Vcheck Quick Guide also has
these color coded in each test’s directions.

When should I stop filling my pipette?

Because our pipettes are two stage with tips, stop filling the test at the point of resistance. It is
important not to over sample or push all the way through.

Can I use the serum separator tube with the Vcheck?

No. Use a standard serum tube only, as serum separator tube contains EDTA which will affect test

How many times should I mix the serum and sample of a T4 test?

Mix until completely dissolved. Using the tablet pipette, mix over 8 times until this occurs.

How can I ensure precise results?

Following the directions provided with your V200 kit and each Vcheck biomarker test is the only way to
ensure results are accurate.

Can I immediately use refrigerated tests and samples?

Bring refrigerated test and samples to room temperature before use. Then follow these steps:

  • Insert test into the Vcheck WITHOUT the sample.

  • After the test is read, it will extend from the Vcheck. Do not remove it.

  • While the test device is still inserted, add the sample. Removing the test will contaminate theinternal Q/C process.

  • Follow the instructions on the Quick Guide/insert/on screen mixing instructions for each test.Each set of instructions will vary slightly but be sure to follow them precisely.

Does the Vcheck V200 need software updates?

Yes! If you are using the Bionote wireless dongle, software will be updated automatically via Wi-Fi as
needed when you power on. Without the dongle, you can check for software updates through these

  • Verify current software during your monthly calibration.

  • Look for updates on the Bionote website.

  • Check for emails with update information if you are registered for your warranty.

Who should I contact to reorder?

Contact the distribution partner you work with or send your reorder directly to
Please use our order form when you place your request. If you don’t have an order form, you can get
one from one of these channels:

Where can I submit additional questions?

If you can’t find the answer to your question here, you can email or call
800-727-5169. For technical questions, call or email your Bionote representative or email

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