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Protect Patients Against Heartworm with Bionote

The American Heartworm Society (AHS) hosts an instruction document titled "Highlights of the Canine Guidelines for the Prevention, Diagnosis, and Management of Heartworm Infection (Dirofilaria immitis) in Dogs." This document contains the updated list of key guidelines that AHS recommends all canine veterinarians follow to properly protect their patients against heartworm.


One of the steps included in the summary is annual antigen testing. Bionote's new Canine Heartworm (CHW) test utilizes this methodology and has been proven in a university-validated study to have 94.4 percent sensitivity and 100 percent specificity. Incorporating this standalone one-step rapid test into your annual visit with canine patients helps you remain consistent with AHS guidelines and indicate whether a patient has a heartworm within minutes. 

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