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Bionote USA Launches Point-of-Care, Diagnostic-Focused Website for Veterinary Marketplace

Website Launch Follows Company’s Recent Addition of the First and Only In-clinic Test To Detect Canine Heart Disease in Just Minutes

BIG LAKE, MINN. (Sept. 18, 2020) – Bionote USA announces the launch of its new website dedicated to quantitative, in-clinic diagnostic solutions in the U.S. and Canadian veterinary marketplaces – The new site allows easy navigation for veterinarians across desktop, tablet and mobile phone platforms, allowing for quick access to information about Bionote USA’s affordable, rapid and proven Vcheck line of biomarker tests and immunoassay analyzers that complement small and large veterinary clinic laboratories.

With an interface specifically designed for ease-of-use, visitors to the site will find it simple to locate product information regarding both Vcheck analyzers and individual biomarker tests, product support materials including brochures and instructional guides, warranty registration and customer support. Tutorials and demonstration videos, along with other educational resources will also be added to the site soon.

“We want to ensure that Bionote’s best-in-practice veterinary diagnostic solutions are readily available to veterinarians across the country,” said Randy Knick, Senior Vice President of Operations and Sales at Bionote USA.

Vcheck from Bionote USA, improves patient care by delivering actual quantitative results in minutes, eliminating estimates and the need for reference lab confirmation. Vcheck can be used in-clinic as a complement to your point-of-care lab for time-saving diagnosis and faster initiation of treatment plans. Current tests detect biomarkers for cNT-proBNP, fNT-proBNP, CRP, SAA, cPL, fPL, D-dimer, Cortisol, T4, TSH and Progesterone.

Earlier this year, Bionote USA added the first and only in-clinic, in vitro diagnostic test kit for the quantitative measurement of NT-proBNP concentration in canine serum to the Vcheck product line.

“The NT-proBNP test is a great example of how our products complement an in-house veterinary lab,“ said Knick. “Dogs who come in distressed or presenting with dyspnea can quickly be diagnosed in-clinic, based on NT-proBNP concentration results – allowing veterinarians to distinguish cardiac from respiratory disease, as well as differentiate cardiac and respiratory causes of respiratory signs. This can be done without the wait or need for an outside reference lab enabling vets to quickly prescribe decisive treatment plans related to cardiac issues and get a dog comfortable sooner.”

At significant cost savings per test, Bionote USA’s line of quantitative diagnostic tests – and analyzers – are currently available in the U.S. and Canada through distributors. To learn more about Bionote USA and the Vcheck line of analyzers and tests or to place an order, visit


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