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Bionote's Vcheck Line Grows In-Clinic Heart Test Menu

With New Troponin I and Existing NT-proBNP, Vcheck Now Has Two Industry-Exclusive Cardiac Tests for Both Cardiac Injury Assessment and Early Heart Disease Detection in Dogs and Cats

BIG LAKE, MINN. (November 30, 2022) – Bionote USA has added in-clinic Troponin I (TnI) in-vitro diagnostic test kits for the quantitative measurement of canine and feline Troponin I to its Vcheck line of biomarker tests and immunoassay analyzers. This product addition widens Vcheck’s exclusive cardiac menu, which also includes the NT-proBNP tests for canines and felines. The addition makes Bionote the only manufacturer in the veterinary marketplace to offer fully-quantitative Troponin I for both species.

With the Vcheck in-clinic Troponin I tests, veterinarians can detect rising severity of myxomatous mitral valve disease (MMVD), early phases of dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM) and obtain prognostic information regardless of the underlying cardiac or noncardiac disease so proper care can be administered quickly. With the addition of Troponin I, Bionote offers the only in-clinic, quantitative cardiac test bundle with both Troponin I and NT-proBNP tests for the veterinary marketplace.

Troponin I is a sensitive and specific circulating marker of cardiac damage in canines and felines. Included in the greater Troponin complex, Troponin I, T and C function together as the molecular switch of cardiomyocyte contraction. Cardiac injury leads to the release of cardiac TnI into circulation, where its concentration correlates with the degree of cardiac damage. Heart disease can increase the TnI levels and create ongoing myocardial injury, so frequent monitoring is critical.

For cardiac diagnostics in-clinic, Troponin I joins Vcheck’s NT-proBNP, the market’s only in-clinic quantitative biomarker test for the precise detection of heart disease in dogs and cats. For use in routine care, pre-operatively or in response to patient symptoms, Vcheck’s canine and feline NT-proBNP tests allow for identification of the cardiac pro-hormone biomarker – an indicator of heart disease - within minutes.

Both tests eliminate the need for an outside reference lab, allowing veterinarians to detect indicators for heart disease and damage quickly, while reducing the potential for sample degradation.

Analysis of Troponin I and NT-proBNP on Bionote’s Vcheck V200 or V2400 analyzers for veterinary fluorescence immunoassay can help with point-of-care testing for cardiac issues. Both analyzers provide quick quantitative measurement and detection of biomarkers in canine and feline serum in the form of a precise numerical result, avoiding ambiguous estimates or ranges.

“Vcheck’s reliable and early detection of heart damage and disease in canines and felines in-clinic, allows for faster prescription of emergency or long-range treatment plans,” said Randy Knick, president of Bionote USA.

All Vcheck tests, and both the V200 and V2400 analyzers, for small and large veterinary facilities

respectively, can be used as a complement to your point-of-care lab for time-saving diagnosis and faster initiation of treatment plans, along with significant cost savings per test.

Bionote’s line of quantitative diagnostic products are currently available in the U.S. and Canada through distributors. To learn more about Bionote USA and the Vcheck line of analyzers and tests or to place an order, visit


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