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Bionote USA Adds Quantitative Equine Tests to Vcheck In-Clinic Diagnostics Line

Equine Progesterone, SAA Included in Expansion of Product Offering

BIG LAKE, MINN. (September 11, 2023) –Bionote USA, manufacturer of quantitative, point-of-care veterinary analyzers and biomarker tests, now serves the equine market with the introduction of equine progesterone and equine Serum Amyloid A (SAA) tests to its Vcheck diagnostics line.

The Vcheck line features two in-clinic analyzers – the Vcheck V200 and Vcheck V2400 – that provide quantitative results on important biomarkers in 15 minutes or less. In addition to Bionote’s two new equine test offerings, the Vcheck line also includes 13 other quantitative, in-clinic diagnostic tests. Among these tests are industry exclusives such as NT-proBNP and Troponin (TnI) for canines and felines and canine cortisol.

With a 50 µl sample of serum or plasma, the equine progesterone test provides a quantitative progesterone level. Not only is this useful in detecting estrus cycles and maintaining healthy pregnancy, but it can also track heat cycles and hormone influxes if behavioral intervention is required.

Equine SAA measures Serum Amyloid A, a biomarker that increases rapidly in horses when a pathological phenomenon, such as infection, tissue damage or an inflammatory disorder, occurs. Applications for this test include monitoring post-operative effects and recovery as well as measuring inflammation response to treatment.

“Expanding into the equine market marks an exciting new chapter for our company,” says Randy Knick, president of Bionote USA. “Veterinary work with horses is often expensive and can require time-consuming follow-up appointments. We are happy to do our part to make this care more accessible.”

Bionote’s line of quantitative diagnostic products, including the equine progesterone and SAA tests, are currently available in the U.S. and Canada. To learn more about Bionote USA and the Vcheck line of analyzers and tests, or to place an order, contact Bionote sales through the company website


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