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Bionote USA Partners with TVC to Offer Shareholders Exclusive Benefits

TVC Shareholders Now Have Access to Discounts and Rebates on Vcheck Line


BIG LAKE, MINN. (January 9, 2024) — Bionote USA, manufacturer of quantitative, point-of-care veterinary analyzers and biomarker tests, has partnered with The Veterinary Cooperative (TVC) to offer its shareholders exclusive pricing and purchasing rebates on the Vcheck line. This partnership will make the in-clinic diagnostic capabilities of Vcheck analyzers and tests even more affordable for TVC shareholders, giving them the power to complement their point-of-care labs with time-saving diagnostics for faster treatment initiation.


By bringing together hundreds of independent veterinary hospitals and partnering with businesses that share its mission, TVC has worked to level the playing field and help small businesses across the veterinary industry.


With Bionote's cutting-edge europium technology, veterinary health professionals at TVC are empowered with accurate, affordable and user-friendly diagnostics, providing the critical information needed for informed treatment plans right at the point of care. Vcheck V200 and V2400 analyzers (also known as the Vcheck F series) are the only quantitative, in-clinic immunofluorescence assay analyzers to use europium technology and feature a menu with over 17 essential biomarkers – eliminating estimates, ambiguity and the need for reference lab confirmation.


Affordable, rapid and proven, the Vcheck line of analyzers features tests for canine, feline and equine patients, including industry-exclusive canine and feline quantitative NT-proBNP, canine and feline Troponin (TnI) and canine Cortisol. Quantitative test results are provided in minutes, giving the veterinarian the power to immediately enact a treatment plan. As a multiple-test analyzer, Vcheck can be used in-clinic for time-saving diagnostics that improve patient care.

“We are excited to offer TVC members a way to elevate their practices in a practical way, with leading technology in their in-clinic labs. Vcheck analyzers enable veterinarians to practice medicine the way they want to, on their terms, because they obtain the results they need to make better treatment plan decisions in minutes. Not only can they confidently practice better medicine, but they can also practice better business, because compliance and ROI are both addressed through the Vcheck.” said Randy Knick, president of Bionote USA. “We are proud to join TVC in its mission to preserve independence and profitability for independent clinics.”


Bionote USA products are available for purchase by TVC shareholders in the U.S. at


To learn more about the Vcheck line and Bionote USA, visit More information about TVC can be found at


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