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Wireless Connection and Software Updates Now Available for Bionote’s Vcheck Analyzers

Easy-to-Use Wi-Fi Dongle is Unique to Diagnostic Analyzer Marketplace

BIG LAKE, MINN. (June 24, 2022) – Bionote USA, manufacturer of quantitative, point-of-care veterinary analyzers and biomarker tests, has introduced an enhancement to its popular Vcheck V200 diagnostic analyzer – an easy-to-use Wi-Fi dongle allowing for wireless automatic software updates. The wireless connection dongle is unique to the diagnostic analyzer marketplace and is being provided free to existing Bionote customers and will be permanently included with all new analyzer purchases.

Bionote is shipping the new wireless connection device to existing customers with simple installation and usage instructions. After following the dongle installation guide prompts, Vcheck analyzers will automatically search for new software updates over the wireless online connection. Previously, customers had to periodically implement manual software updates.

“Along with all of the in-clinic, quantitative benefits our Vcheck analyzers bring to veterinary practices and their patients, this enhancement really brings an added layer of convenience and advanced technology to veterinary staff by replacing a manual updating process which is common in the analyzer industry, to an automatic process that is seamless and reliable. Simply turning on the analyzer will be its only daily maintenance. No other analyzer has this capability, and we are excited to offer this to our customers,” said Randy Knick, president of Bionote USA.

Bionote USA’s line of quantitative diagnostic products are currently available in the U.S. and Canada. To learn more about Bionote USA and the Vcheck line of analyzers and tests, visit


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