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Bionote Thank You Programs

Receive a complimentary box of Vcheck tests on your next order from Bionote when you refer a clinic or post about Bionote and their Vcheck products on social media.

Clinics are eligible for up to 4 free boxes a year! 

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Thank You from Bionote!

* U.S. and Canada DVMs only.

* Offer only available directly through Bionote.

* A free box of tests will only be received on the first purchase of the referred clinics.  

* Bionote tagged social media posts will be limited to 2 per month per clinic in any social media platform combination.  

* If your tagged post receives over 50 likes, you are eligible for an additional box of tests on your next order.

Refer A Clinic!

If the referred clinic purchases, as  a thank you, receive a complimentary box of tests on your next order!

There are 2 easy ways to do this:

Tell another clinic about us. When they contact us and mention that you referred them, if they purchase, email and let us know. You can then get your free box of tests with your next order!


Email directly with the referred clinic name, phone, address and purchasing contact. We will then contact them for you, using you as the reference. Once they purchase, ask for your free box of tests on your next (direct) order! Just mention the clinic that purchased and you referred in the notes.

Post On Social Media!

As a thank you, you can receive a complimentary box of tests on your next order!*


Take a picture of yourself or your staff using the Vcheck and post it to social media with the hashtags: #bionotefamily #Vcheck #Bionote

Include a testimonial or a few words about what you love (about the Vcheck, any of our tests, or Bionote in general).

Notify us through about your posting.

(*We will confirm and get your permission to use your review.)

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