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Progesterone Testing That Breeds Results

As a breeder, timing is everything. Current, accurate and rapid progesterone test results are necessary to find the ideal time for conception. Every moment counts, so why wait for test results from an off-site lab? Bionote’s Vcheck cProgesterone test kit and Bionote’s Vcheck 200 analyzer are the perfect pair for in-clinic prompt and precise progesterone data. There’s no need to rely on outside labs when the Vcheck 200 analyzer and test kit give you what you need for breeding success in just 15 minutes!

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Vcheck cProgesterone

Progesterone is a hormone produced by the ovaries and placenta that helps prepare and maintain the uterus for pregnancy. Vcheck canine progesterone is an in vitro diagnostic test kit for the quantitative measurement of canine progesterone in serum, providing fast and precise results.


Animal: Canine

Sample Type: Serum 50μl

Measurement Range: 1~30 ng/ml

Test Time: 15 minutes

Clinical Application
  • To determine optimal breeding dates

  • To predict parturition dates or time a Cesarean section

  • To detect reproductive disorders such as split heats, delayed puberty, silent estrus or hypoluteidism

  • Natural breeding: Ideally breed every other day while the female is showing signs of standing heat. If only 2 matings will be performed, attempt to breed 4 and 6 days after the progesterone predicted LH surge

  • Fresh or chilled semen: Ideally inseminate 3 and 5 days after the progesterone predicted LH surge

Vcheck V200

Bionote’s Vcheck V200 device for breeder fluorescence immunoassay can help point-of-care testing for various biomarker levels in serum, plasma and whole blood. Vcheck is proven to be reliable, providing accurate results rapidly. 

  • Multiple Tests on a Single Device

  • Auto-coding System with 2D Barcode Technology

  • Automatic Recognition of Handwriting

  • Small Sample Size

  • High Accuracy and Reproducibility


Model: Vcheck V200

Test Capacity: 1 test at a time

Power: AC/DC Adapter

Display: 7" Color Touch Screen

Printer: Built-in

Connectivity: HLV v2.6(PCD-01) / POCT1-A

Dimensions: 7.8" wide x 9.4" deep x 8" high

Weight: 5.5 lbs.

We Can Help

Along with our unmatched testing quality and cost, our product support is unmatched, providing the gold standard in customer service. Contact us today for more information.

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