Detect Heart Disease in Minutes

The Only In-clinic Quantitative Tests for Heart Disease in Cats and Dogs

For use in routine care, pre-operatively or in response to patient symptoms, Vcheck’s canine and feline NT-proBNP tests allow for identification of the cardiac pro-hormone biomarker within minutes. Without the need for an outside reference lab, the in-clinic NT-proBNP tests allow for quick detection of heart disease in dogs and cats, while reducing the potential for sample degradation.

Canine NT-proBNP

Vcheck's Canine NT-proBNP test allows for identification of this marker to assess NT-proBNP concentration increases secondary to excessive stretching of heart muscle cells, allowing this marker to be used to assess the severity of underlying heart disease.

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Feline NT-proBNP

NT-proBNP concentration reflects the degree of cardiac activation secondary to stimulus, such as stretching. Vcheck's fNT-proBNP test allows for identification of this marker to assess the magnitude of cardiac muscle stretching.

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"I’m a big fan of this test because it’s what is missing.  We test kidney and liver values on pre-anesthesia blood work.  Shouldn’t we test the heart too?  That seems pretty important to me.  Need that heart.  Nothing else matters if the heart does not work right, plus the cost to run it makes it a no brainer."

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Vcheck V200

The Vcheck V200 can help point-of-care testing for various biomarkers in-clinic. It helps check quantitative measurement of biomarker levels in serum, plasma and whole blood. Vcheck is proven to be reliable, providing accurate results rapidly.

Vcheck V200 Analyzer

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