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Vcheck cPL

Canine acute pancreatitis is often a sudden, life-threatening condition. cPL is considered to be the most specific enzyme that increases in dogs with pancreatitis. Vcheck's cPL test is useful for early diagnosis with this highly sensitive measurement.




Sample Type

Serum 25μl

Measurement Range

50-2,000 mg/L

Testing Time

5 minutes

Clinical Application

To diagnose acute pancreatitis when unspecific symptoms occur

Monitoring response to therapy by serial checking for evaluating treatment efficacy

To assess the secondary damage to the pancreas


Vcheck cPL Detailer



What Our Customers Are Saying

"We love the Vcheck.  We have been saving about 50% on T4 and cPL compared to what we were doing. And the Progesterone is saving us a lot of money too, but more importantly we do not have to send samples to the fertility clinic anymore."

Riverton, UT

Product Information
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Packing Unit
Vcheck cPL
10 Tests/Kit
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