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Improve Patient Care with In-Clinic, Quantitative Analyzers and Tests



Rapid Canine Heartworm Test

Big ROI for Both You and the Patient

Affordable, rapid and proven, Vcheck F from Bionote improves patient care by delivering quantitative results in 15 minutes or less, eliminating estimates and the need for reference lab confirmation. Vcheck F can be used in-clinic as a complement to your point-of-care lab for time-saving diagnosis and faster initiation of treatment plans. Testing in-clinic saves you the cost of using an outside lab and saves your patients valuable time while they wait for a treatment plan.

In-Clinic Convenience

No need for outside reference lab confirmation and send-out-costs

Precise Quantitative Analysis

Provides an actual number result, not an estimate

Instant Savings

No contracts or minimums on the market’s most affordable in-clinic diagnostic analyzer

Proven Accuracy and Reproducibility

Correlated against gold standard methods

Europium Technology

Utilizes powerful fluorescent particles yielding more accuracy than traditional colloidal gold material


Why In-Clinic Testing?

Bionote’s Vcheck F analyzers and 17 biomarker tests deliver quantitative results in minutes, saving time and send-out costs while lowering the risk of degradation from sending samples to reference labs. Patients get the answers they need when they need them, and veterinarians can immediately build a treatment plan when there’s no time to waste.

Calculate Your Clinic’s Savings

Curious how Bionote Vcheck F analyzers and biomarker tests can save your clients money and enhance your clinic’s profitability? Forecast your clinic’s Vcheck ROI by answering a few simple questions, before our online tool calculates your savings in minutes.


Available In-Clinic Tests

The Vcheck F analyzer and biomarkers use europium-based technology which demonstrates high sensitivity levels in serum, plasma and whole blood on 17 biomarker tests to detect cardiac, inflammatory, pancreatic and coagulation conditions or diagnoses, in addition to  a variety of hormone levels.











Acute Inflammation



Bionote Thank You Programs

Receive a complimentary box of Vcheck F tests on your next order from Bionote when you refer a clinic or post about Bionote and their Vcheck F products on social media.


*DVM offer only


University-Validated Diagnostic Testing

Bionote was founded by a veterinarian whose passion for accessible health care for animals led him to create diagnostic analyzers and tests to provide pet professionals with the best point-of-care resources right in their clinics. Bionote is consistently conducting studies on the Vcheck F and its tests to ensure we are providing veterinarians with the highest standard of care.

Product Support & Testing Resources

The information and documentation you need to help you make an informed choice about our analyzers and tests.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

“My Vcheck paid for itself in 6 months, no trouble. and I’m a small practice, so not a huge volume of patients come through here. I don’t push tests and it just naturally worked its way into the flow of our practice, and I think it’s improved patient care.”

Ailena Baum, DVM Lyons Veterinary Service

We Can Help

Along with our unmatched testing quality and cost, our product support is unmatched, providing the gold standard in customer service. Contact us today for more information.

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