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Progesterone is a hormone produced by the ovaries and placenta that helps prepare and maintain the uterus for pregnancy. Vcheck canine progesterone is an in vitro diagnostic test kit for the quantitative measurement of canine progesterone in serum, providing fast and precise results.




Sample Type

Serum 50μl

Measurement Range

1~30 ng/ml

Testing Time

15 minutes

Clinical Application

To determine optimal breeding dates

To predict parturition dates or time a Cesarean section

To detect reproductive disorders such as split heats, delayed puberty, silent estrus or hypoluteidism

Natural breeding: Ideally breed every other day while the female is showing signs of standing heat. If only 2 matings will be performed, attempt to breed 4 and 6 days after the progesterone predicted LH surge

Fresh or chilled semen: Ideally inseminate 3 and 5 days after the progesterone predicted LH surge


Vcheck cProgesterone Detailer


Vcheck cProgesterone Demo


MR Diagnostics V200 Study



What Our Customers Are Saying

“ We love the Vcheck.  We have been saving about 50% on T4 and cPL compared to what we were doing. And the Progesterone is saving us a lot of money too, but more importantly, we do not have to send samples to the fertility clinic anymore.”

Riverton, UT

Product Information
Product Number
Product Type
Product Name
Packing Unit
Vcheck cProgesterone
10 Tests/Kit
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